Unmasking the Power of In-Person Events: Koch Modular’s Murder Mystery Success

Unmasking the Power of In-Person Events: Koch Modular’s Murder Mystery Success

Category:Company Culture
Discover how Koch Modular's recent company event emphasized the importance of team-building activities for remote working teams.

Koch Modular recently held a two-day company event at the Hasbrouck Hilton Hotel. The event attracted 102 employees, some traveling from out of town to attend. The gathering was a great success, with various engaging and productive activities that brought the company together in person.

The event started with workshops that allowed various departments to conduct team-building activities and discuss department goals and initiatives. These sessions allowed team members to bond, learn new skills, and collaborate more effectively. Tim Jones, Koch Modular Process Engineer, shared his experience of the team-building activities, saying, "As a newer employee at Koch Modular, it was great to finally meet some of my colleagues in person and learn about their ideas and goals. Working remotely can make it challenging to build relationships. Meeting others face-to-face makes reaching out much easier, expanding resources and making work more efficient, personable, and fun."

Apart from the workshops, the company organized a company-wide murder mystery team-building activity, which proved to be a hit among employees. The event involved working together to solve a fictional murder, which fostered better communication and problem-solving skills and created a sense of teamwork that was hard to achieve virtually. This activity was a perfect example of how in-person events can help to bring a team together and develop stronger relationships.

Such activities provide a fun and interactive way to boost morale and develop colleague relationships. Koch Modular Piping Designer, Cassandra Joe, commented on the murder mystery event, saying, "It was a fun and exciting way to spend time with colleagues while getting to know them better. It was refreshing to step out of our regular work routine and focus on a different activity that allowed us to work together towards a common goal."

After an eventful team-building day, the Koch Modular team enjoyed a well-deserved dinner party at the Upper Montclair Country Club. The event provided an opportunity to unwind and socialize in a relaxed environment over cocktails and a delicious dinner. The President of Koch Modular, George Schlowsky, emphasized the importance of in-person events in a remote working environment. He stated, "In-person events are a fantastic way to build relationships and create a sense of teamwork that is difficult to achieve virtually. Nothing beats face-to-face interaction, and that's why these events are so important for our company." In a world where remote working has become increasingly common, it's essential to recognize that in-person events can significantly foster community and collaboration within a company.

The Koch Modular company event was remarkable, comprising activities that unified the team in person. Team-building activities such as workshops and murder mystery events provide an excellent opportunity for employees to bond and collaborate, leading to a more robust and effective team. As in-person events continue to play a crucial role in building stronger teams and fostering collaboration, Koch Modular is committed to hosting more events to unite the team.