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General Presentation of Koch Modular

Koch Modular worked on a Carbon Capture Project to help a client.

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Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Koch Modular worked on a Carbon Capture Project to help a client.

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Automation and Control System Capabilities

Koch Modular worked on a Carbon Capture Project to help a client.

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Engineering Tips For Difficult Separations

Supply Chain Management
Navigating Supply Chain in a Post COVID World

Supply chains around the world have been jeopardized by global issues such as raw material shortages, trade wars,...

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Circular Economy for the Chemical Processing Industry
Circular Economy for the Chemical Processing Industry

An increase in the global population, as well as increased growth seen by industries and economies, has placed...

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ModularLaunchTM in Action

But today’s so-called trends in the CPI seem to have staying power. As Koch Modular continues to partner...

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A Little Help From Our Friends

Koch Modular Process Systems prides itself on engineering, fabricating and providing the highest quality modular chemical processing equipment...

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Articles & Publications

Optimal Design Of A Liquid-Liquid Extraction System

Liquid-liquid extraction processes often require one or more downstream distillation columns. This article describes the process design of.

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Extractive Distillation: What Is It And When Should It Be Used?

Extractive distillation has proven to be useful in many different fields, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and refining.

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Truckable Modules Paving The Road For Advantageous Construction Solutions

Modularization has been around since the early 1970’s. The technique allows owners to transfer much of the construction.

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Managing Project Delivery Risk In The Time Of Covid
Modularization: Managing Project Delivery Risk In The Time Of Covid

Although the chemical process industries (CPI) are familiar with the cyclical nature of the markets into which they.

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Improve Your Process

How Can We Improve Your Chemical Process?

With decades of experience, Koch Modular has helped companies across the world operate effectively and efficiently. Consult with us today and see how we can do the same for you.

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Chemical Engineering Whitepapers

Bio-Based Plastic

Koch Modular was initially approached for their demonstrated optimization expertise in reaction,.

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Ammonia Recovery

Ammonia absorption and recovery projects are not a unique challenge for the.

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KMPS Extraction Column Installation

Glass-lined KARR® Column used for extracting an organic acid from a solvent/monomer.

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Modular Construction Overview

Why should you choose modular construction from Koch Modular Process Systems over.

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Koch Modular Process Systems

“Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC. (KMPS) specializes in the design and supply.

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Solving Separation Problems using Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE)

Distillation may be the chemical process industries workhorse for separating the components.

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