Distillation Equipment and Modular Process Systems for Chemical Separations

Koch Modular Process Systems specializes in the design and construction of industrial distillation equipment, distillation columns and complete modular process systems for solvent recovery, product purification, organic chemical separations, renewable energy production, steam stripping, and environmental applications.

Koch Modular also provides process studies, laboratory and pilot testing, VLE development and complete process design engineering solutions.

Practical Distillation for the Chemical Processing Industry

Distillation is the process of separating components of a liquid mixture via differences in boiling point or volatility. In chemical engineering for industrial applications, distillation has a universally important role in a wide range of applications for product purification, solvent recovery and for environmentally focused green technologies . Common forms of industrial scale distillation include steam distillation, fractional distillation, vacuum, azeotropic, and extractive distillation.

Koch Modular’s engineers excel at tackling and solving the toughest separation problems. We consider non-ideal mixtures as “run of the mill” challenges due to our years of experience in finding the best possible process solutions.

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Case Study: Koch Modular was able to develop a modular solvent recovery system design that significantly reduced energy consumption while increasing the client’s operational capacity by up to 40%.

For more successful case studies by Koch Modular, visit our White Papers and Presentations.

Understanding Koch Modular’s Expertise in Distillation

Expand the following tabs to learn more about the various ways Koch Modular’s engineers can assist your company. Browse through various distillation applications, operation types, distillation types, column designs, construction materials, and other distillation equipment.

Koch Modular’s process systems are designed for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, alternative energy sources, and wastewater cleanup. Koch Modular’s common applications include:

Koch Modular’s engineers design distillation operations around the separation needs of a client and the specific mixtures involved. Variables include the relative volatility of a mixture and the boiling points of each component. Common operation types utilized by Koch Modular include:

  • Continuous Distillation
  • Batch Distillation
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Pressure Distillation

We have decades of hands-on experience and distillation operation refinements to achieve optimal system efficiencies for the following distillation types:

  • Ideal and Non-Ideal Systems
  • Binary and Multi-Component Separations

Koch Modular also specializes in distillation techniques for the following processes:

  • Azeotropic
  • Extractive
  • Reactive
  • Pressure Swing

Koch Modular has various distillation columns to choose from. They are designed for various process, energy, and cost efficiencies. Your options include:

  • Sieve and Valve Trays (e.g., high performance valves)
  • Structured Packings Columns
  • Dumped Packings Columns

Distillation construction materials utilized for chemical engineering require the utmost performance in safety, reliability, durability and cost efficiency. To meet industry standards, Koch Modular utilizes the following materials for distillation systems:

  • Stainless and carbon steels, including nickel, Monel®, and Inconel alloys.
  • Hastelloys, including chloride resistance alloys, AL6XN, and Alloy 2205 & 2507.
  • Glass lined steel.
  • Teflon lined steel.

Additional exotic alloys are available depending on the project. Please inquire for more details.

  • Shell & tube heat exchangers
    • Full thermal design and ratings
    • Condensers, reboilers, interchangers, vaporizers, etc.
  • Specialty design heat exchangers
    • Falling film reboilers
    • Low pressure drop condensers
  • Reactors
  • Vapor/liquid separators
  • Liquid/liquid separators
  • Liquid/liquid contactors (extraction columns)