Typical Industrial Applications for Separation by Extraction

While distillation works on the principle of boiling point difference, liquid-liquid extraction works on the principle of chemical structure difference. This makes extraction ideally suited for separation problems such as those listed below (click on highlighted text to view sample flowsheets).

  • Fermentation and Algae Broths
    Biofuels and chemicals produced by biological processes such as fermentation and algae often require liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) as the first step in recovery and purification.
  • Phenol from Wastewater
    Removal of high boiling organics from wastewater; such as phenol, aniline and nitrated aromatics.
  • Acetic Acid Extraction
    Recovery of tightly hydrogen-bonded organics from water; such as formaldehyde, formic acid and acetic acid.
  • Caprolactam Extraction
    Recovery of products from reactions; such as caprolactam and adiponitrile (for nylon production), acrylic acids and agricultural chemicals.
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