Typical Industrial Applications for Separation by Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Koch Modular has the experience and technology to make industrial liquid-liquid extraction processes efficient and cost effective. We know how to develop extraction processes, how to generate the proper scale-up data, and how to use this data to design and supply extraction columns with process performance guarantees. By offering a broad range of extraction columns (KARR®, SCHEIBEL®, and packed), we can identify the best column for each application and then work with our client to optimize their process. We have a pilot plant dedicated to the development of extraction processes. We can also provide equipment and services for laboratory, pilot plant, and demonstration plant facilities. As an example, Koch Modular recently partnered with an alternate energy company to demonstrate the commercial scalability of their Second Generation Biofuels Process – see Case Study below.

While distillation works on the principle of boiling point difference, liquid-liquid extraction works on the principle of chemical structure difference. This makes extraction ideally suited for separation problems such as those listed below (click on highlighted text to view sample flowsheets).

Liquid Extraction

Extraction Industrial Installation

Koch Modular designed, constructed and delivered an acetic acid recovery system critical to the success of the customer’s greenfield plant and overall process. The modules were delivered to the site 34 weeks after detailed engineering began. Koch Modular’s solvent recovery experience, liquid-liquid extraction technology, and upfront pilot testing resulted in a modular system that was successfully started up and met all performance specifications.

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