Processing Plant Technology for the Electronic Specialty Gas Industry


Koch Modular has become a global leader in the ultra high purity electronics specialty gases industry. We design and build complete modular process systems to meet the purification, safety, and environmental needs of your project. Koch Modular’s process technologies provide our clients with the lowest capital and operating cost solutions.

We Offer Complete Modular Systems To Produce:

  1. Electronic ItemSilane (SiH4)
  2. Electronic ItemDisilane (Si2H6)
  3. Electronic ItemMonochlorosilane (SiClH3)
  4. Electronic ItemDichlorosilane (SiCl2H2)
  5. Electronic ItemTrichlorosilane (SiCl3H)

The Koch Modular Advantage

In addition to complete modular systems we offer a number of key services, including:

  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Basic / Detailed engineering packages
  • Complete specification and integration of OSBL systems, giving our clients a more turn‐key process
  • SOP development
  • Safety training
  • Technical staff training
  • Commissioning / start‐up support
  • Process optimization audits

STC to TCS Conversion

Koch Modular’s process technologies convert silicon tetrachloride (STC) to trichlorosilane (TCS) and purify it to industry or PV grade TCS with > 100% yield based on inlet weight of STC. The electrical consumption is less than 0.25 kW/kg of STC processed.

Low Energy Purification Techniques

Our designs incorporate low energy membrane and crystallization processes to remove impurities from TCS, which reduce energy demand and produce a purer product that is less susceptible to impurity spikes.


Koch Modular designed and supplied all process modules of a commercial silane plant in 2012 that was successfully commissioned in 2013. The system converts metallurgical grade silicon into trichlorosilane. The trichlorosilane is then redistributed and purified to silane.

Koch Modular is actively pursuing projects to alleviate the STC accumulation problem, particularly prevalent in China. These projects focus on the hydrogenation of the surplus STC with MGS and hydrogen to produce TCS. The operating cost of these recovery systems, including depreciation, is less than the raw material cost for making TCS from purchased MGS, chlorine, and hydrogen.

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