Pilot Plant Testing for Mass Transfer Processes & Full-Scale Separation Equipment

The Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC pilot plant facility in Houston, TX specializes in development and testing of mass transfer processes, including distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, stripping and reaction chemistry. Research findings from the pilot plant are used for the design of full-scale separation equipment serving the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biotech, Food and Flavor & Fragrance industries.

The pilot plant is used to study the processes, as well as develop vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibrium data. Accurate VLE and LLE data, fundamental for the design of mass transfer processes, is often not available in literature and must be developed prior to the design effort. Koch Modular employs a staff of experienced process engineers who design the test programs and then interpret the resulting experimental data.

Koch Modular also supplies complete full-scale separation equipment based on the pilot plant testing that carry a Process Performance Guarantee.

Feasibility Studies VLE/LLE Development
Process Design Pilot Plant Testing
Distillation Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Steam Stripping Absorption
Chromatography Spectrophotometry Wet Chemistry
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Pilot Plant Location:

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