Process Performance Guarantee

How Does It Work?

Every application is carefully reviewed by our process engineering team. Simpler applications such as a binary ethanol-water purification will be guaranteed based on the successful design of hundreds of similar systems and our extensive library of real operating data. Our pilot plant in Houston stays busy testing client feed material for the purpose of providing data upon which to base more complex Process Performance Guarantees.

For example, multicomponent azeotropic systems with limited available data may require the development of vapor-equilibrium data (VLE), subsequently regressed to activity coefficients. Koch Modular will develop the VLE data, which helps to facilitate modeling and then move to proof of concept distillation testing, based on representative or actual customer feed material.

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Koch Modular will develop the VLE data, which helps to facilitate modeling
Performance Guanrantee

Koch Modular’s Process Performance Guarantee

Our extensive company portfolio of chemical process industry project experience generates a high level of confidence in future results. Koch Modular has over 40 years of process engineering and modular design experience. Our repeat business statistics reflect a high degree of trust that a Koch Modular design will perform as expected.

For the last 40 years, Koch Modular has taken that trust to the next level by offering a Process Performance Guarantee. Critical parameters of process performance including product purity, yield, and capacity are the basis of the Guarantee.


We Do it Together

Developing and confirming the Process Performance Guarantee is a joint effort with our clients. Together, pilot plant testing of the initial operation of the system is conducted in our Houston, Texas pilot facility. During the pilot testing phase, the specific metrics of performance are identified. The process objectives are then quantified and agreed upon during the project’s initial design phase. The next steps are detailed engineering, system construction and finally commissioning and startup. Together during the startup, and more specifically the Site Acceptance Test, all the metrics and design objectives are confirmed to complete the Process Performance Guarantee.

Proprietary Technology

If a Koch Modular-designed system includes proprietary client technology, such as a reaction unit operation, this need not prove an obstacle to development of a mutually acceptable Process Performance Guarantee. Koch Modular can incorporate the mechanical, hydraulic and thermal requirements of a client’s proprietary equipment, relying upon the client’s fundamental kinetics and stoichiometry information.

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We Stand Behind Our Work

It is easy to say. But not as easy to substantiate. Standing firmly behind our process engineering designs has taken decades of hard work and a dedicated application of our expertise. We consider the Process Performance Guarantee an achievement. We take a great deal of pride in the resulting confidence that our clients place in us.