Petrochemical Industry


With widespread experience in the recovery and purification of valuable hydrocarbon compounds, Koch Modular Process Systems is the single source solution for chemical process plants in the petrochemical industry. Petrochemicals are chemical products that are derived from petroleum. Depending on their chemical structure, primary petrochemicals can fall into one of the following three groups:

Olefin olefin
Aromatics olefin
Syngas olefin

Petrochemicals are used for the creation of many day-to-day items such as plastics, to medicines, cosmetics, appliances, electronics, transportation, and more, you can find petrochemicals in nearly everything.

Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Petrochemical Industries

Petrochemical processing requires the application of various separation technologies, particularly distillation and liquid-liquid extraction. Koch Modular has proudly and successfully offered these services to the petrochemical industry for more than 40 years.

Petrochemical Industry Solvent Recovery

Solvent recovery is critical for petrochemical companies because it limits the emissions of harmful chemicals into the environment, as well as decreases the loss of materials. Without the application of solvent recovery, environment regulations, new solvent costs, and waste disposal costs can make your project or plant unattainable. Koch Modular has experience with many recovery techniques for a wide range of solvents. We also specialize in distillation applications for product purification.


In situations where distillation is not feasible for reasons such as a complex process sequence, as is the case with petrochemicals, extraction is likely the best technology to use. With regard to petrochemicals, our previous experiences of liquid-liquid extraction applications include:

  • Separation of olefins and parafins
  • Separation of structural isomers

The petrochemical industry counts on us for the most practical process solutions.

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  • Physical Separations

    Decantation, Coalescing, Filtration, Demisting

  • Evaporation

    Single Effect, Multiple Effect

  • Distillation

    Simple, Azeotropic, Fractional, Reactive

  • Extraction

    Simple, Fractional, Reactive

  • Adsorption

    Pressure Swing, Temperature Swing

  • Crystallization

    Melt, Solvent

  • Membranes

    MF, UF, NF, RO

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