Straight Talk about Modular Construction

Straight Talk about Modular Construction


Do you have a project that requires a faster than normal schedule? Do your decades of experience tell you that stick-built construction just won’t get you there in time?

Introducing Modular Construction Services

The team at Koch Modular talks directly to the industry in this informative video about the benefits of modular construction:

Project Engineering Manager Jim DeNoble talks about the surprise factor.

“Some of our clients are surprised at the fact that we can put together such a complex module of chemical process systems with all these design and engineering activities … on such a fast schedule. “

George Schlowsky, President, points out that there is a real safety factor with modular construction being done off-site. No building or welding has to be done while the plant is operating.

Tom Schafer, Vice President, reminds clients that they can “get to market much faster by building off-site” and after permit procurement, they can be operating in 1-2 months.

Others on the video discuss the downside of stick built construction’s “serial approach.” With modular construction, design activities move simultaneously with a multitude of other activities happening on-site. Many project steps are done in parallel, saving significant time.

When you have a company with twenty-five years of experience doing it, modular construction is definitely worth learning about.

To schedule a Lunch & Learn on modular construction at your site, or by WebEx, call Tom Schafer, whose words of wisdom are also featured in the Koch Modular video on modular construction.