On The Trail of Don Glatz On His Liquid-Liquid Extraction Travels

On The Trail of Don Glatz On His Liquid-Liquid Extraction Travels

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As Manager of Extraction Technology at Koch Modular Process Systems, Don Glatz certainly gets around. You may have been able to track him down in Brazil when he was supervising testing on a pilot KARR® Column that eventually resulted in the design and purchase of production columns for a well-recognized petrochemical company. When he was in California making technical presentations to a number of emerging biochemical companies, they stayed a few extra hours while Don showed them how liquid-liquid extraction could be beneficial to their processes.

And That’s Just The Beginning

Supervising The Development of The Scheibel® Column

Maybe you glimpsed him in Finland, where he attended a conference on biochemical process development. Or in South Africa, where he supervised the successful start-up for a Scheibel® Column supplied by KMPS. The design for this column was based upon testing in our Houston, TX pilot plant.

If you happened to be in Tennessee at the right time, you may have noticed Don helping to optimize the performance of an existing extraction column for a large specialty chemical company, to improve product recovery.

It’s no accident that Don Glatz has done so much globetrotting in the service of his liquid-liquid extraction clients. He is after all a leading expert in this field, and has a 35 year track record of professionalism and excellence.

You Can Put Don’s Liquid-Liquid Extraction Expertise To Work For You

Don’s expertise encompasses evaluating and optimizing liquid-liquid extraction processes, as well as overseeing the scale-up and design of extraction systems and columns. During the course of his travels, he has published numerous papers and articles on these subjects, and is a frequent speaker and seminar leader.

To find out more check out our white papers. Webchat Don on our home page  to see how Koch Modular can work with you to solve your most challenging separations problems.