A Little Help From Our Friends

A Little Help From Our Friends


Koch Modular Process Systems prides itself on engineering, fabricating and providing the highest quality modular chemical processing equipment in the industry. Our quality standard guarantee and shortened project schedule gives our clients a time-to-market edge, especially when compared to stick build construction.

Forging Strong Modular Chemical Processing Capabilities

How could a company like ours provide such a guarantee? While holding ourselves to overall high standards, we also take great pride in the fact that our sub-contractors and key vendors adhere to these same high standards. In this season of thankfulness, we want to say thank you to our team of partners and vendors. From our Instrumentation suppliers, to our Pressure Vessel suppliers and the Module Fabricators with whom we’ve worked for over 15+ years, a heartfelt thank you!

Working Closely with Modular Fabricators

How do these relationships work, day-to-day? Here at Koch Modular, we believe in a long-term view and we extend this perspective to our partners. For example, quarterly phone calls with our module fabricators include a discussion of sales forecasts. Openness and transparency are our guiding principles, and it allows both parties to plan for future business growth. One of our fabricators took the initiative to put an addition onto their existing facility, based on one of these quarterly calls, ensuring that they would be ready for anticipated growth. This doubled their capacity and helped, in turn, to keep Koch Modular competitive on larger projects, while ensuring that we could meet our timelines. When both parties understand and appreciate the complexity of the scope of work, it leads to successful project delivery for our clients.

Always Providing The Best Modular Chemical Processing Equipment for Our Clients

Both, Koch Modular and their Modular Fabricators believe that they are working together in a Team environment to achieve one overall goal of pleasing the end customer. With this long-term mindset, and a belief that we are a team, inside the walls of Koch Modular and extending out to our partners, we can achieve one overall goal of pleasing our end customer – you. For the trust given to us by our fabricators and the business from our customers, we are truly thankful.