ModularLaunchTM in Action

ModularLaunchTM in Action


But today’s so-called trends in the CPI seem to have staying power.

As Koch Modular continues to partner with a range of startups, we have noticed a few trends among these fast-growing companies.

Source Local: Not Just for Your Farmers Market

When we think about the holidays, we rejoice in the celebrations not only at home but also with our work families. Whether it’s a holiday party, luncheon, or charitable event, it is a special time of year where we are able to work together and celebrate together.

Since we spend so much time at work, finding connections between our life as “real people”, and our work life is always an unexpected boon. Work/life balance means a lot of things and recently we noticed that a Buy Local trend, seen so clearly whenever we visit a farm-to-table restaurant, is also taking shape in the CPI industry. While you shopped at the local farmer stand for your corn this past summer, were you aware that the CPI industry was busy working on finding local sourcing for certain key chemicals? Sourcing chemicals locally allows businesses to save on transportation costs and avoid possible delivery interruptions.

The Birth of ModularLaunchTM

Koch Modular is leading some of this effort, to minimize long transportation pipeline routes and find ways to use locally sourced, lower-cost materials. Recently, Koch worked together with New Jersey-based start-up Primus Green Energy on their natural gas to liquids technology, specifically their processes for converting natural gas to drop in gasoline and methanol via reforming, reaction, and distillation unit operations.

The technology focuses on regional production, providing in-basin demand and leveraging low-cost natural gas in areas such as the Marcellus and Permian Basins. Koch Modular assisted Primus with engineering services supporting the process conceptualization and pilot testing phase, followed by the development of the process design package, as well as the forthcoming detailed engineering and construction of their first commercial-scale system.

Industrial Biotech Startups Reaching Out

While not as close to home as the buying local trend, helping bring bio-based chemicals into the world makes us feel environmentally energized. We have seen an increase in the number of industrial biochemical startups (using feedstock with bio-based chemicals) coming to our door for help in moving towards full-scale production. Beyond our expertise in separations technologies and modular construction lay a natural affinity for helping start-ups analyze their path forward towards scale-up. Now that we’ve owned up to how talented we are (tongue in cheek), we realize that this type of consultative work has always been a part of our culture. Today, we work with industrial biotechs to help develop full-scale processes to manufacture their bio-based chemicals.

This holiday season, whether you’re staying local or not, we hope that you revel in the joy and beauty of celebrating your connections with family and friends. As we assist our partners with establishing resources and aiding start-ups with appropriate next steps, we continue to work together and celebrate successful projects. From pilot testing to scale-up production, leveraging regional production to new biochemical production, our ModularLaunchTM process supports all of our clients. We wish you the Happiest of Holidays! Contact us today or learn more at