Modularization: The Key to Achieving Project Certainty

Modularization: The Key to Achieving Project Certainty


Presentation by Mauricio Villegas, Business Development Manager at Koch Modular, to take place on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at 1:30 pm EST.

Koch Modular is proud to announce that Business Development Manager, Mauricio Villegas, will be presenting “How A Modular Delivery Model Drives Developing Technology Project Viability” at TechConnect on Tuesday, June 20th at 1:30 pm EST in Chesapeake 2. Whether a project involves the commercialization of technology for the production of bio-based chemicals, plastics or fuels; the chemical recycling of end of life plastics, lubricants or electronics; point source CO2 recovery; or the recovery of critical minerals & metals, this presentation will explore how a modular delivery model can help provide project certainty for companies developing and commercializing novel technologies.

Unlike traditional projects, developing technology projects need a project execution strategy that proves economic viability to surpass the conceptual stage. That’s why Koch Modular advocates a modular delivery model as best-suited for maximizing the probability of advancing through process development phases and financial decision gates.

A modular delivery model has many benefits for developing technology projects, including improved cost control due to accelerated construction schedules, minimized field labor costs, reduced risk of rework due to pre-testing of all modules before shipment, and increased safety due to controlled fabrication environment with minimal site work required during installation. Additionally, modularization can eliminate weather delays and minimize potential schedule impacts from long lead items such as equipment and piping fabrication.

“We have seen firsthand how beneficial a modular delivery model can be for companies at the forefront of decarbonization innovation," says Mauricio Villegas. "Time to market is crucial, and a well-defined project execution strategy is fundamental for securing financial backing and project success.” He says, “The modular delivery model will play a vital role in expediting decarbonization initiatives."

Koch Modular is committed to helping companies maximize their potential by creating customized solutions tailored to their needs. Utilizing a modular delivery model can provide cost savings and schedule certainty throughout the entire project lifecycle—from concept to completion—ensuring maximum success for developing technology projects. 

Join us at TechConnect on June 20th at 1:30 PM EST in Chesapeake 2, where Mauricio Villegas will be presenting “How A Modular Delivery Model Drives Developing Technology Project Viability”—and learn more about how you can benefit from utilizing a modular delivery model when executing your next developing technology project.

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Mauricio Villegas, Koch Modular
Business Development Manager

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Mauricio Villegas is the Manager of Business Development at Koch Modular Process Systems. He has more than 25 yr of experience in the engineering and construction industry, delivering projects across sectors ranging from small brownfield projects to greenfield mega-projects. Before joining Koch Modular, he held various management roles at WorleyParsons, Technip, IHI E&C, and Arcadis. Mr. Villegas earned a BS in Business Administration and Management from Northeastern University.