Koch Modular Advances Clean Technology Through Additional Pilot Study with ReGen III 

Koch Modular Advances Clean Technology Through Additional Pilot Study with ReGen III 


The pilot study will generate more samples to further validate feedstock properties, optimize yields of critical offtake products, and re-confirm the API properties of ReGen III’s base oil products.

Koch Modular Advances Clean Technology

PARAMUS, N.J., March 6, 2024—Koch Modular Process Systems (Koch Modular), a market-leading provider of engineered and fabricated modular mass transfer systems for the chemical processing industry, announces the commencement of additional pilot testing to expand  ReGen III Corp.'s (ReGen III) Molecular Separation Unit (MSU) capabilities. This development follows previous successful pilot study work by Koch Modular on the MSU, contributing to a recent surge of interest from offtake parties.

About the Partnership

ReGen III is a leading clean technology company commercializing the patented ReGen™ process to upcycle used motor oil ("UMO") into high-value Group III base oils. This effort is further supported by recent milestones, including  issuance of its 6th U.S. patent and engagement of ICP Securities Inc. ("ICP") for automated market-making services. Koch Modular, the process designer and modular constructor for ReGen III’s MSU, leverages over 40 years of industry experience specializing in liquid-liquid extraction systems. Dedicated to repurposing materials and minimizing reliance on virgin resources, Koch Modular is committed to contributing its extensive chemical engineering expertise and innovative solutions to ReGen III's mission.

"The ReGen™ technology is game-changing,” stated Brian Loftus, Vice President at Koch Modular. “Our team is proud to be developing technology that will set the stage for recycling re-refined lubricants for years to come."

Pilot Study Overview

The primary objective of the pilot study, which is taking place in Koch Modular’s facility in Houston, Texas, is to generate samples of base oil products requested by major offtake purchasers.

Tom Lawlor, Chief Operating Officer of ReGen III, states, "During the course of 2023, offtake parties from around the globe, including oil and gas Majors, Super-Majors, international traders, and lubricant blenders, have shown serious interest in our suite of sustainable products, resulting in robust demand for samples. In addition, potential new markets have been identified for modified base oils. Koch Modular’s pilot studies on our MSU will not only generate more samples but will also further validate feedstock properties, optimize yields of critical offtake products, and re-confirm the API properties of our base oil products, all of which are critical to our ongoing discussions with offtake parties."

ReGen III’s delivery of samples to the offtake parties will follow the expected pilot testing completion date of mid-April 2024.

Additional information about the project can be found HERE.

About ReGen III

ReGen III is a cleantech company commercializing its patented ReGen™ technology to upcycle UMO into high-value Group III base oils. With a focus on creating sustainable solutions that generate better environmental outcomes and compelling economics, the Company's ReGen™ process is expected to reduce CO2e emissions by 82% as compared to virgin crude derived base oils combusted at end of life.

In 2022, ReGen III completed FEL2 and value engineering for the Company's 5,600 bpd UMO Texas recycling facility, with the support of world-class engineering, construction and licensed vendor teams – including Koch Project Solutions, LLC, PCL Industrial Management Ltd., Koch Modular Process Systems and Duke Technologies. Operating in an underserved segment of the base oil market, ReGen III aims to become the world's largest producer of sustainable Group III base oil.

For more information on ReGen III or to subscribe to the Company's mailing list, please visit: www.regeniii.com/investors/corporate-presentations and www.regeniii.com/newsletter-subscription.

About Koch Modular

Koch Modular has successfully designed and constructed modular systems for the global chemical processing industry for over 25 years and has over 40 years of process engineering experience. Specializing in mass transfer, Koch Modular supports innovative technology companies on their pathway from concept to commercialization, providing pilot testing and process conceptualization services, process design package development, detailed engineering, and modular constructed systems. To learn more, visit kochmodular.com.

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