A Practical Approach to Process Engineering

A Practical Approach to Process Engineering

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With decades of experience in designing and installing modular separations systems on-site, Koch Modular has built up a reputation for expertise in this area. Our longstanding relationships means quality control and validation you can trust.

But this is only one component, albeit an important one, that has contributed to the remarkable growth of the enterprise.

It is the way in which we engage with our business partners and clients that truly distinguishes Koch Modular.

Our Process Engineering Approach

Before we even begin to design a solution, we all sit down together for an extensive analysis of what the objectives are, what the challenges may be, and strategies for addressing both successfully. For instance, our practical approach to process engineering never optimizes the design without considering the operators who must run the unit.

Defining a comprehensive solution can include:

  1. Technology Development: Conceptualization of Process, Process Simulation, Unit Operations Selection & Pilot Testing
  2. Business Model Analysis: Funding Strategy, Cap Ex/Op Ex Modeling & Performance Guarantee Development
  3. Process Design Package: Detailed Engineering & Construction, Systems Integration

Unwavering Commitment to Achieving Process Engineering Success

It is this caliber of rigorous approach that optimizes the opportunities for maximizing results for the client, and building on our legacy.

“Any time we have a project, we talk to our customers and make sure we’re listening to their concerns,” said Thaddeus Kumor, Process Engineer at Koch. “Because only then can we really come up with appropriate solutions.”

This dedication to collaboration with our clients is not only instilled in everyone who works at Koch Modular, it runs throughout the organization as a foundational operating philosophy that drives the entire company.

This commitment is evident in the individual attitudes of our people, including Teena Martalus, Senior Process Engineer at Koch. “We’re a very dedicated group of engineers, very detail-oriented and also very team focused.”