Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery, Azeotropic Distillation


Waunakee, WI
The manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals heavily relies on the use of organic solvents. This results in solvent waste, with solvent disposal costs being one of the primary concerns amongst the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical solvent recovery systems, such as this one produced by Koch Modular Process Systems, provide tremendous cost-saving and environmental benefits.

In this system, the distillation process was designed to separate a minimum boiling azeotrope aromatic and heavy impurities from an alcohol solvent. Koch Modular Process Systems performed a proof of concept pilot test in advance of the modular system design. During this test, a representative purified alcohol solvent was generated, allowing our customers to test and verify the solvent performance in their manufacturing process. The modular system was constructed in accordance with European CE PED and ATEX directives.

With increasing environmental and commercial pressures being put on the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutics products, solvent recovery systems such as the one developed by Koch Modular Process Systems answer many of these issues.  Learn more about our distillation capabilities for a wide range of solvents here.