PEG Steam Stripper

Kalamazoo, MI

Steam stripping is a process that is used to clean up plant wastewater streams. Pharmaceutical Effluent Guidelines (PEG), which are important compliances that pharmaceutical companies must meet. Koch Modular Process Systems will design and build a steam stripper system that will strip organic compounds from your wastewater stream to meet PEG compliances.

This steam stripping system developed by Koch Modular Process Systems treats various organic laden aqueous wastes for a Midwest pharmaceutical producer. We were able to meet this pharmaceutical company’s goal of attaining PEG compliance.

The column has Koch-Glitsch anti-fouling stripping trays and a short trayed rectification section. All process equipment is fabricated in alloy C276 and process piping is PTFE lined.

In addition to the PEG steam stripper system, Koch Modular will also provide process studies, laboratory and pilot testing, and VLE development to ensure absolute efficiency.

Learn more about what a PEG Steam Stripper can do for you by contacting the professionals at Koch Modular Process Systems.