Process Control Systems: Fully Programmed and Customized

Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC. provides turnkey solutions complete with customized fully-tested process control systems. Koch Modular engineers work directly with the customer to meet their needs with tight integration to the overall process design. Koch Modular has the flexibility and experience to supply a wide range of DCS, PLC, and HMI manufacturers. Koch Modular has the knowledge to assist in integration with other control systems, historians, ERP/MES, and networks. Each control system is unique and Koch Modular takes pride in the design, implementation, testing, and support of each and project. Koch Modular can provide fully automated systems with sequential operations for continuous, batch (ISA88), and semi-batch processes. Koch Modular can provide extensive documentation for the control system, control panels, and electrical design which can be tailored to customer specific requirements.

  • DeltaV Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • DeltaV PMO Configuration Standard for DeltaV (PCSD)
  • DeltaV Safety Integrated System (SIS)
  • Logix5000 (Legacy RSLogix 5000/500/5)
  • Siemens: SIMATIC STEP 7 TIA Portal and SIMATIC STEP 7
  • Allen-Bradley: FactoryTalk View SE/ME/Studio
  • Siemens: WinCC TIA Portal , WinCC, and WinCC Flexible
  • Wonderware: Archestra System Platform and InTouch HMI

Control System Documentation

Koch Modular will work with the multi-discipline engineering staff and the customer to develop comprehensive documentation to support design, implementation, and testing. Koch Modular can provide formal Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) and Controls Function Description (CFD) in response to customer User Requirements Specification (URS).

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Koch Modular provides thorough testing and documentation of the integrated control system, control panels, electrical, and process simulation prior to shipment. Field commissioning time is drastically reduced.

Control System – HMI

Koch Modular can optimize the operator interface to meet customer requirements and industry best practices. Koch Modular has experience in applying high performance HMI techniques, optimization of response times, and minimization of alarming.

Controls Customization

Koch Modular is adept at providing all of the IEC 61131-3 programming languages and carefully selects these based on application and customer preference. Koch Modular has extensive process control knowledge including advanced process control techniques.

Electrical Design

Koch Modular provides a complete set of electrical design drawings for panel fabrication, modular connection, and on-site installation requirements. Koch Modular can provide ISA style instrument specifications, instrument loop drawings, conduit plans, panel layouts and schematics, controller and I/O assignments, power load list/distribution table, and many other customer formats.

Control Panel Design

Koch Modular can provide customized PLC and DCS control panels, remote I/O panels and remote instrument enclosures (RIE), and customized motor and drive panels. Control panels are designed and built for the area classification, environment, and control system requirements. Customization of control panel includes but not limited to HVAC purge, heated, and cooled, NEMA 4X SS, XP, NEC/UL, and IEC/ATEX.  Each Control Panel, Remote I/O Enclosure, Motor Control Center, Junction Box, or Instrument Panel is custom designed and fabricated to ensure safe and efficient protection of the enclosed system.

Control System Migration

Koch Modular controls group provides system integration and migration from many legacy automation platforms, such as PROVOX to Emerson DeltaV DCS as depicted in the graphic here.

Simulation Start-Up and Operator Training

Koch Modular tests the control system, utilizing the operating manual to simulate data, mimicking process and alarm scenarios to ensure the control system is optimized the day it arrives at the customer site. We provide unique operator training tailored specifically to the project and plant needs. Koch Modular includes a customized on-site training package including direct training presentations.