OneD Battery Sciences and Koch Modular Partner for the Large-Scale Production of Silicon-Graphite Anode Materials for Next-Generation EV Batteries

OneD Battery Sciences and Koch Modular Partner for the Large-Scale Production of Silicon-Graphite Anode Materials for Next-Generation EV Batteries

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The strategic partnership will help to reduce costs and accelerate the adoption of silicon anode materials in affordable EVs.

PALO ALTO, Calif. & PARAMUS, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- OneD Battery Sciences (“OneD”), the leader in silicon anode technologies for EV batteries, and Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC (Koch Modular), a global leader in process engineering design and modular construction, today announced their strategic partnership centered on enabling large-scale production of silicon-graphite anode materials for the next generation of affordable electric vehicles (EV).

Leveraging Koch Modular’s proven silane gas manufacturing expertise, OneD’s SINANODE technology efficiently converts silane into nano-silicon inside graphite anode materials already qualified by EV cell makers. This partnership will scale up silane anode production by placing a modular silane plant adjacent to a SINANODE factory to process and add silicon inside EV-grade graphite powders from industrial suppliers. OneD and Koch Modular are currently designing the first integrated North American plant to produce 20,000 tons of silicon-graphite anode material per year, enough for the batteries of about 1,000,000 EVs annually.

“Koch Modular is the right partner to quickly increase the production scale and reduce the costs of silicon anode materials,” said Vincent Pluvinage, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder, OneD Battery Sciences. “This strategic collaboration will enable the North American EV battery supply chain to reduce its dependency on overseas anode material imports and meet the urgent need for OEMs (EV producers) to compete with the next generation of more affordable EVs."

OneD’s SINANODE technology platform takes a fundamentally different approach to silicon anode manufacturing. The SINANODE platform is a highly scalable low-cost manufacturing process that grows nano-silicon directly in the pores of EV-grade graphite powders selected by each customer. This removes the need to manufacture a new expensive carbon substrate to host silicon. Instead of displacing EV-grade graphite producers, the SINANODE process increases the performance and value of the graphite powders already qualified by EV cell factories. The SINANODE manufacturing process results in lower cost, smaller EV batteries with longer range and lower carbon footprint.

“OneD has a unique approach in reducing risks and costs by placing our silane modular plant adjacent to the SINANODE processing plant and co-locating these two facilities next to EV-grade graphite production and EV cell factories in North America and Europe,” said George Schlowsky, President at Koch Modular. “Together, we are excited to help scale up silicon-enhanced graphite production and help each customer achieve a more competitive global market position by combining our proven technology platforms.”

Koch Modular's silane manufacturing expertise addresses the industry's need for proven, scalable, and economical silane production. These globally transportable modules allow for efficient shipping and assembly, supporting sustainable scaling of production capacity for OneD’s SINANODE plants worldwide. With over 40 years of chemical plant expertise, Koch Modular has demonstrated proven success, notably with the delivery of a longstanding silane plant in Taiwan serving demanding semiconductor applications for over a decade.

“Koch Modular’s silane technology complements OneD’s SINANODE platform. The delivery of silane production modules along with the licensing of the SINANODE manufacturing process enable established industrial partners to scale up the production of cost-effective silicon anode materials at optimum locations for the EV battery supply chains,” said Jan-Marc Luchies, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer at OneD Battery Sciences.

Why Silicon?

The use of silicon (“Si”) in the anode electrodes is broadly recognized to increase energy density of EV batteries, thus reducing weight and increasing EV range. However, silicon anode mass-adoption depends on finding ways to use silicon to reduce the cost of EV batteries. Many silicon technologies are too expensive and not scalable enough to support production of batteries for millions of affordable EVs. The key silicon precursor, silane gas (“SiH4”), is produced mostly in China for making over 93% of the global production of solar cells. Both silane and EV-grade graphite are now considered critical materials for the EV supply chains in the USA and Europe.

OneD’s SINANODE pilot facility in Moses Lake, WA, will go online in early 2024 to support the EV battery qualification process for OEMs while the large-scale production plants are completed.

About OneD Battery Sciences

OneD Battery Sciences is the developer of the SINANODE technology platform, the breakthrough technology that successfully manufactures nano-silicon to increase the energy density & lower the cost of anode electrodes in EV batteries. Thus, SINANODE enables more affordable, longer range & faster charging EVs. In 2013, OneD Battery Sciences acquired the silicon nanowire technologies (SINANODE) and its Palo Alto R&D activities. Thanks to 15 years of continuous innovations under the leadership of OneD’s co-founder and CTO Yimin Zhu, PhD, OneD can now leverage its extensive portfolio of over 240 issued patents worldwide, helping its battery supply chain partners achieve unrivaled IP protection and “freedom to operate.” In September 2022, GM Ventures publicly announced an investment in OneD's Series C financing, along with Volta Energy, a venture capital firm with deep expertise in material sciences and battery technologies. In June 2023, GM and Volta increased their respective investments in OneD in a second Series C closing. GM also expanded its technical collaboration with OneD for prototyping SINANODE-enhanced cells.

About Koch Modular

Koch Modular has successfully designed and constructed modular systems for the global chemical processing industry for over 25 years and has over 40 years of process engineering experience. Specializing in mass transfer, Koch Modular supports innovative technology companies on their pathway from concept to commercialization, providing pilot testing and process conceptualization services, process design package development, detailed engineering, and modular constructed systems. To learn more, visit


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