Examples of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Projects

Scheibel ColumnSCHEIBEL® Column for Purification of Recycle Motor Oils

Large SCHEIBEL® Column delivered to plant in central Europe for extracting impurities from recycled oils.

Organic Acid ExtractionKARR® Column for Extraction of Organic Acid

Glass-lined KARR® Column used for extracting an organic acid from a solvent/monomer feed stream, using water as the solvent. This column is used to extract >90 of the acid prior to neutralization in a second KARR® Column supplied previously, thus minimizing the use of base and generation of salts.

Karr® ColumnA complete modular system

was supplied including KARR® Column, distillation and stripping column for recovery of acetic acid from a woody mass fermentation broth. This demonstration plant was designed based upon successful testing in our pilot plant.

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SCHEIBEL® Column added to a Texas plant to replace four (4) centrifugal extractors

One large SCHEIBEL® Column has been supplied by Koch Modular to a Texas plant to replace four (4) centrifugal extractors. This column will provide significantly reduced maintenance costs as well as increased capacity. The column has been installed and is operating successfully.

KARR® Column supplied to a Middle East country for recovery of an expensive metal catalyst

Koch Modular supplied a KARR® Column to a Middle East country for recovery of an expensive metal catalyst. This is the third column that has been supplied for this application. The other two are in the United States.

KARR® Reciprocating Plate extraction columns supplied and started up in Korea

Koch Modular supplied and started up two large diameter KARR® Reciprocating Plate extraction columns in Korea, which are operating above expectations. These glass lined columns are performing a combination of a hydrolysis reaction and inorganic acid extraction using water as the solvent.

SCHEIBEL® extraction column installed and successfully started up in a Midwest chemical plant

Column is used to recover an organic product from an aqueous feed stream using an aromatic solvent.

Koch Modular delivered and installed two large diameter KARR® extraction columns in separate chemical plants in mainland China

One column is for extraction of Carboxylic Acid from an aqueous feed stream, the other for extraction of contaminants from an effluent caustic stream.