Selected to Combat the Global Plastic Waste Crisis

Selected to Combat the Global Plastic Waste Crisis

Koch Modular has recently been awarded a multi-year Master Services Agreement (MSA) from PureCycle Technologies, LLC (PureCycle) to supply modular recycling systems.

Under the agreement, Koch Modular will supply the modularly constructed polypropylene recycling systems, starting with PureCycle’s newest facility in Augusta, Georgia. Future projects will include both domestic and international sites. Dustin Olson, Chief Manufacturing Officer at PureCycle, states “the goal is one billion pounds of like-new, ultra-pure recycled plastic production capacity, and with Koch Modular, I am confident that we will succeed.”

Over the last six years PureCycle and Koch Modular have worked together building rapport and reaching common goals. “Working alongside PureCycle on the Ironton Feedstock Evaluation Unit and multiple commercial-scale projects demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting PureCycle’s disruptive technology,” said Brian Loftus, Vice President of Koch Modular Process Systems. “This agreement opens up more possibilities to address the global need for an environmentally responsible plastics lifecycle.”

This MSA not only continues to address the global need to transform plastic waste into a renewable resource, but reflects PureCycle’s confidence in Koch Modular’s capabilities and deepening relationship.

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