Modular Construction: Always Considered, Now COVID-Necessary

Coronavirus Impact Influence Oil and Gas Industry, Covid 19 Disease Epidemic Effect to Oil Refinery Industrial and Stock Exchange. Falling Stock Market Risk Investment From World Coronavirus Crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic created a sequence of changes across all industries, and the chemical sector has not been immune to the impact of this global health crisis. What used to be a “nice to have” feature in project execution has evolved into a “must-have” component. Although modular construction is not a new concept, it may become a necessity in current times. Modularization is described as the process of shifting as much labor-intensive field construction activities from the field to an offsite fabrication facility to mitigate or reduce inherent risks associated with field construction. For more useful insights into the processes of Modular construction: Always considered, now COVID-necessary, continue reading the Hydrocarbon Processing – April 2021 Magazine.