Innovative Chemical Processes – Developing Technology Companies

Innovative Chemical Processes – Developing Technology Companies

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When you start with a great process idea, or even just a great new application of an innovative chemical process, bringing that idea to full-scale manufacturing reality can feel daunting.

While large CPI projects are a big part of what we do, our team here at Koch Modular really digs in when a developing technology comes our way.

The creative development of a process pathway gets chemical engineers energized. Koch Modular has A LOT of chemical engineers with decades of experience, plus project managers, mechanical and process controls engineers, and civil engineers. We’re a team that has worked together for twenty-five years, designing solutions with our unparalleled separations expertise and modular construction know-how.

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Developing tech knows a lot about their own stoichiometry, knows which catalyst works and why, and deeply understands their kinetics, inside and out! Yet, until they got to know us, our developing technology clients did not know they needed Koch Modular’s expertise.

Now, our developing technology clients often come to us with just conceptual chemical processes – and stay for the collaboration.

Why Choose Koch Modular Chemical Processing Equipment?

Koch Modular understands that developing technology companies require expertise that goes beyond a scale-able process design. When you are an early stage technology company, you need an engineering firm with the time and patience to work side-by-side with you, making sure that timelines are set and reality checks are woven in along the way. We start with discussions on concept development, followed by technical and commercial modeling, detailed design, construction, and even plant start-up, resulting in successful first production. This can be a longer process not easily tolerated by larger engineering firms.

To go from a chemical process idea to fully functional manufacturing reality means looking out years into the future.

Koch Modular is ready to listen.

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