Innovative Silane Manufacturing Technology

Empowering your business to satisfy surging industry demand with onsite production of electronic-grade silane.

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Patented & Proven
Silane Manufacturing Technology

Silane is quickly being recognized as a game-changer in the battery materials industry. Its ability to enhance the performance and lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries has spiked demand creating an urgent need for electronic-grade silane production.

Koch Modular offers a patented and proven silane manufacturing technology that can be scaled and delivered as a complete modular process system. Our technology integrates into new or existing facilities to sustainably produce onsite electronic-grade silane. With a unique modular delivery model, we provide the flexibility manufacturers desire, allowing scalable capacity as demand increases.

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Unlock The Power Of Onsite Silane Production

10 Year

10 Year

Proven commercial technology
High Purity

High Purity

Electronics-grade silane



How It Works

Our two-step silane process technology reacts metallurgic-grade silicon (MGS) with hydrogen and silicon tetrachloride (STC) to convert it into a high-purity trichlorosilane (TCS) intermediate via hydrochlorination.


Purification & Recycling

Step one purifies the TCS, recovers STC for recycling, collects waste streams for concentration to recover chemicals for recycling, and collects inert solids for disposal. While the purification step is crucial to achieving electronics-grade purity, the STC recycling step is equally important for sustainable and cost-effective processing with minimal waste.


Reaction & Distillation

Step two converts TCS to silane (SiH4) through two reaction steps and several distillation steps. The two disproportionation reactions involved are TCS to DCS and STC, and DCS to Silane and various chlorosilanes. Multiple distillation steps are incorporated to efficiently and safely recycle chlorosilanes and remove known impurities.

Discover The Advantages Of Partnering With Koch Modular

40+ Year

40+ Years Engineering Experience

Pushing the Chemical Processing Industry forward with new and developing technologies from pilot plant data to full-scale commercialization.

200+ Modular Plants Installed and Operating

200+ Modular Plants Installed and Operating

In-house pilot testing, process engineering, modular system construction, startup and optimization, distillation, extraction, reaction, kinetics, separation & purification recovery.

45+ Countries Served

45+ Countries

Worldwide experience in the design and fabrication of modular systems with customers on 6 continents.

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Explore The Benefits Of A Modular Delivery Model

Koch Modular designs and delivers every process system modularly. By transferring over 90% of onsite field construction activities offsite into a controlled fabrication environment and assembly line methodology, we can de-risk projects by providing greater productivity, greater than 30% cost savings, and six months or more in schedule improvements.


Field Work Reduced


Lower Construction Cost


Month Schedule Improvement