Crystallization, Heat Transfer & Other Processes

In addition to liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and distillation, Koch Modular can evaluate and test a number of other unit operations for separation processes. In general these other unit operations are evaluated for processes that include LLE or distillation steps as well. However, if necessary Koch Modular will work with our clients for these operations on an individual basis.

Some of the processes we can evaluate in our pilot plant are:

  • Crystallization
  • Heat Transfer Coefficient Studies
  • Thin Film Evaporation (partnership with LCI Corporation)
  • Absorption
  • Coalescing
  • Ion Exchange Beds
  • Carbon Adsorption
  • Filtration

Koch Modular LLE columns have also been applied to a number of unique applications that can be tested in our pilot plant.

Single Stage Mixer / Settler
Single Stage Mixer / Settler

Both the KARR® and SCHEIBEL® columns can be used as co-current, mixer/settlers. The typical mixer/settle used industrially will only generate up to 85% of a theoretical stage due to backmixing inefficiency. However, operating in plug-flow mode, the co-current KARR® or SCHEIBEL® Column can achieve essentially 100% of a theoretical stage at extremely high capacity.

Slurry ProcessingSlurry Processing

Koch Modular has demonstrated that the KARR® Column can effectively handle slurries with up to 50% solid’s concentration. The perforated plates with 55-60% open area allow solids to flow through without accumulating. Slurry feed must be such that the solids will “sink” through the up-flowing solvent and accumulate in the bottom chamber of the column. The agitation provides the means for maximizing solid-to-liquid mass transfer.


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