Extraction Tests are Offered at the Houston Pilot Plant

Liquid Liquid ExtractionLiquid-liquid extraction testing is required in order to accurately design a production size column. The first step is to select the proper column type for a given application.

Koch Modular offers a wide range of extraction columns, from static columns containing trays or packing, to agitated columns including SCHEIBEL®,KARR®, Pulsed and Rotating Disc Contractors (RDC).

Each of the columns has particular strengths and weaknesses, which must be taken into consideration to ensure the proper extraction device is selected. If necessary more than one type of extraction column is tested to help optimize performance.

During the pilot tests, the columns are run over a wide range of operating conditions, and separation performance is measured. In addition, observations on droplet formation and dispersion, coalescence, interface control, entrainment, and emulsion tendencies are also made. Test data and observations are then used with Koch Modular proven scale-up correlations to arrive at the optimum extractor design.

With nearly 50 years of LLE testing experience, Koch Modular has learned how to streamline the testing procedures, minimizing the time and amount of raw material required. This results in significant cost savings for our clients. When it is not possible to test in our Houston Pilot Plant, then Koch Modular can supply pilot scale columns for on-site testing at the client facility.

Extraction Capabilities

  • Extraction CapabilitiesAgitated Columns – Karr®, Scheibel®, RDC, Pulsed
  • Static Columns – Packing, Trays, SMVP
  • Column Arrangements – Simple, Fractional & Reactive Extraction

In a number of applications, liquid-liquid extraction must be tested at elevated pressure due to the temperature and the vapor pressure of the material handled. Koch Modular has available for rental a 1″ diameter KARR® Column and 3″ diameter SCHEIBEL® Column, both in 316SS construction. These columns can be sent to the clients facility for on-site testing, along with operating and engineering personnel.

Typical Liquid-Liquid Extraction Setup

Liquid Extraction Setup



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