Equilibrium Study Services at Pilot Plant – VLE and LLE Data

Equilibrium Study Services at Pilot Plant - VLE and LLE DataThe first step in the process of pilot plant testing is often the development of vapor-liquid or liquid-liquid equilibrium data.

Due to the non-ideal nature of many of the systems encountered, experimental equilibrium data is required for design. If this data is not in literature it must be measured in the laboratory. Thus, it is often necessary to perform bench scale tests to fill gaps in the available data. LLE data for extraction and VLE data for distillation can be developed in our pilot facility.

This data is then incorporated into computer models to optimize the process and establish operating conditions for the pilot plant tests to follow.

Also important during LLE and VLE tests are observations by Koch Modular’ss trained experts. For example, observations such as foaming or fouling often prove to be extremely valuable in avoiding potential operating problems in the pilot plant and/or commercial equipment.


Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Development

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium DevelopmentData (VLE)

  • Presence of azeotropes
  • Deviations from ideal behavior


  • Foaming tendency
  • Fouling tendency
  • Degradation or thermal stability
  • Solids precipitation

In addition to the VLE data developed, Koch Modular will regress the data to a NRTL model for use in simulation software.


Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Development

Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium DevelopmentData (VLE)

  • Distribution Coefficient vs Solute Concentration
  • Temperature and pH effects


  • Separation time
  • Emulsion formation tendency
  • Interface behavior
    – Rag layer formation
    – Emulsion band formation
  • Entrainment tendency in both phases

Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Development