Detailed Engineering Services for Modular Process Systems

Through our extensive detailed engineering procedures, Koch Modular engineers and designers are able to completely and systematically define each component of a modular process system. Equipment, piping, structural steel, instrumentation, electrical and controls systems are all evaluated, optimized and detailed for fabrication. Our senior project managers oversee and orchestrate the overlap and interaction of the multiple engineering disciplines required to successfully and efficiently execute our customer’s projects.

Typical Detailed Engineering Documentation includes:

  • Pipe and Valve Specifications
  • Piping Drawings: Plan, Elevation, Isometrics with Bill of Materials, 3D Review Model, External Connections Diagram/Coordinates
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • 3-D Model of Entire System in AutoPLANT®
  • Equipment: ASME Code Calculations, Fabricated Equipment U-1 Forms, Final Equipment Fabrication Drawings, Pump Data Sheets
  • Structural Steel Drawings: Plan, Elevations and Sections, Foundation Loading Diagrams, Lifting and Transport Diagrams
  • Electrical Drawings: Conduit Plans, Wiring Diagrams, Electronic Instrument Location Diagrams, Module Lighting Diagram, Terminal Box Layouts and Loop Diagrams
  • Instrumentation: ISA Data Sheets, Relieving Capacity Calculations for Pressure Relief Devices and Installation Details
  • Controls System: Alarm, Interlock and I/O Lists, Sequence Tables (as required) and Control System Workstation and Licensing Specification
  • Lists: Utility List, Power List, Equipment List, Valve List, Instrument List, Pipeline List and Equipment and Piping Paint List
  • QA/QC: Project Inspection Plan, Completed Module Assembly Checklist (FAT) and Completed Module Half Loop Test Procedure/Report
  • Manuals: Installation, Startup and Shutdown, Maintenance
Modular Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) Purification System

Detailed Engineering Design Software and Platforms

In addition to the engineering of modular systems, Koch Modular provides specific engineering services to our customers including: