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Past Modular Projects – Previous Experience

Koch Modular has over 200 modular systems installed and operating. Click on any of the images below to launch a gallery for a specific project.

MeOH Recovery System

Stream Stripper-Ammonia from Process Condensate

Flue Gas Carbon Capture Project

PEG Steam Stripper

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture Pilot Plant

Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery, Azeotropic Distillation

Oil Purification Through Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Methyl Ester Purification (Biodiesel)

MACT Stripper

Pseudocumene Purification

Benzene Stripper

Purification of Refrigerant Mixtures

Biotech Application for Alcohol Recovery

Fragrance Recovery from Waste Stream

Reactive Distillation

Oleochemical Production and Purification

Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery

Complete Plant Technology for the Production of Silane

Solvent Recovery from Coating Manufacturing Process

Recovery of Bio-derived Chemical

Solvent Recovery for Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

Citrus Oil Purification

Solvent Recovery from Bio-process

Koch Modular Services & Expertise

Modular Process Systems

Complete Modular Mass Transfer Systems for the separation, purification, and reaction needs of the chemical process Industry. 30 years experience providing quality solutions for your process plant needs. Guaranteed. Read More...


Industry expertise in solving complex separation problems. Extensive experience with multi-component, non-ideal, azeotropic systems. Read More...

Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Worldwide leader in liquid-Liquid extraction technology. Karr® and Scheibel® Extraction column design and supply. Practical process solutions for separations that are uneconomical or unfeasible by distillation alone. Read More...


Koch Modular specializes in taking a design from concept to commercialization. Proven expertise providing optimized solutions to challenging distillation, extraction, purification, reaction, and heat exchanger thermal design requirements. Read More..

Petrochemicals Comprehensive pilot plant facility and expertise in feasibility testing and scaleup of conceptual process designs. VLE and LLE equilibrium data development. Read More..

Markets Koch Modular Serves

Developing Technologies Koch Modular’s unique combination of chemical process technology development, design and construction expertise positions our developing technology customers on a faster route from lab scale development to successful market ready production. Read More...
Chemical Industry Extensive experience providing azeotropic distillation systems designed to recover high purity chemicals. Read More....
Pharmaceutical Industry Consistently delivering cost effective and on-time solvent recovery and wastewater stripping systems to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Read More...
Biodiesel Our liquid-liquid extraction and distillation technologies are critical resources for the product recovery and purification needs of this developing sector of the chemical industry. Read More...
petro Recovery and purification of valuable hydrocarbons compounds.
Food, Flavor, and Fragrance Our proven expertise includes Citrus Oil folding and fractionation, Mint Oil purification and other deep vacuum and thermo-sensitive distillation applications. Read More...
Electronic Specialty Gases Koch Modular Process Systems has become a global leader in the ultra high purity electronics specialty gases industry. We design and build complete modular process systems to meet the purification, safety, and environmental needs of your project. Read More...
Carbon Dioxide & Acid Gases Koch Modular has over 35 years of process engineering and modular design experience in acid gas, sour gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) removal/recovery applications. Read More...